Knock Home Swap
Get the convenience, certainty, and cost savings of buying your new home before selling your old one.

Here at KKG we have Knock Certified Agents, but what does that mean for you?

Knock Home Swap is the new convenient and certain way to sell a home. It allows you to buy
your new home before selling your old one. Knock will pay the old mortgage while you only pay
the new mortgage.



How it works:
1.) The first step is to get pre-approved.
Knock has you underwritten for a new home loan, this includes a down payment advance. The
Home Swap not only qualifies you for a conventional loan to pay for the new home, but it also
provides the Knock Equity Advance. This is an interest-free loan that accesses the equity in
your current house.
2.) You can then start making offers and eventually put down that winning non-contingent offer
on your future home. A non-contingent offer is not dependent upon you having to sell your
current home which makes the offer more appealing.
3.) To help with selling the old home Knock will pay up to 25,000 to prepare your old home for
listing on the market. Knock handles the contractors directly and pays them once the work is
completed and you sign off on it. This is to help your home sell for the best price possible.
Knock not only applies to traditional homes, but to any primary residence. Condos, townhomes,
and single-family houses can be bought or sold. New construction can also be bought using
Home Swap with a few conditions such as the builder must fund the cost of construction before
the final closing, a common practice among most large builders. A Knock Mortgage Loan
Advisor will be available to review the details that apply to new construction and guide you on
your journey.

The goal is for the old home to sell on the market, but if the house doesn’t sell no worries! You
have the option of taking an offer from Knock that they will provide upfront.
See if you pre-qualify by getting in touch with one of our agents today: | The Smart Way To Buy A Home Before You Sell