For the past couple of months, there has definitely been a lot of changes and re-adjustments revolving around COVID-19. At Kilene Kelly Group, we made it our mission to not only keep selling/buying houses for our clients but to make sure they were safe and comfortable during the entire process. Buying and selling your home can already be a very intimidating and scary process, and adding a world-wide pandemic on top of it definitely does not make it easier.

We took many precautionary steps at the beginning of the pandemic to ensure our team members and client’s safety. Fortunately, we have been doing things such as Virtual Walk-Throughs and Open Houses as part of our marketing plans for quite some time now, so we already had those resources ready for our clients the moment this all started. In the beginning, no in-person Open Houses were allowed but we have slowly transitioned into making those available again at our seller’s requests. In Open Houses, we make sure to wipe down everything before and after visitors come through and advise people to try and touch as little as possible to protect both them and the owner’s health. Other precautionary adjustments included virtual closings and Zoom call appointments with our buyers and sellers!

At Kilene Kelly Group, we always have our clients as a top priority. As the pandemic is still among us but the world is starting to re-open, we still value our client’s wants and needs when it comes to their family’s safety!