Golden Apple! Have you heard of it? Have you seen our posts on social media? Have you received our mailings? Have you heard about it from your friends?

Well, we want everyone to share in the excitement with us. When we created the Kilene Kelly Group one of the key areas we wanted to bring to our business was giving back to our community. As parents, one of the most important areas of our lives is our kids schools and as employers, the schools also impact our business as we look to grow our team with qualified candidates!

This led us to choose our schools and teachers as our give back and our passion! We are proud supporters of Hillsborough Education Foundation (HEF) by giving back with EVERY closing we do. That means if we are involved in buying or selling any home, a portion of our proceeds is given back to HEF so they can continue their mission to strengthen public education in Hillsborough County through advocacy, investment of resources, and programs that empower every student to achieve both academic and personal success. We also volunteer at the Teaching Tools store and love every minute of it!

Part of giving back to our community and the schools, is our commitment to TEACHERS! The Golden Apple Award is a way for us to reach teachers on a personal level and celebrate what they do everyday. We open voting every month on our social media and our website for anyone to nominate a teacher for recognition! We do a drawing at the end of each month and we try to surprise the teacher by showing up at the school with a gift, a certificate, donuts for the staff and needed classroom supplies. We love to feature our teachers and giving them a shout out for all they do! Join us and help us celebrate teachers!

If you know a teacher that deserves a shout out and recognition for all they do – call us, email us, message us – really just let us know! We want to put them in our drawing and we want to share the love!